Unions have spearheaded some of the most fundamental workplace struggles in Australia’s history, and accomplished major victories which continue to have positive impacts on the lives of working Australians and their families today. Unions continue to fight for your rights at work with new campaigns.

  Secure Jobs. Better Future is a national campaign to improve the rights and working lives of the 40% of the Australian workforce employed in insecure work.  
  Family-friendly work arrangements shouldn’t come at the expense of our job or income security. We all need time to work and time to care.  
  Reducing death, injury and illness at work is a top priority for working people and unions.  
  Your Rights at Work was the most successful union and community campaign in Australian election history. The ongoing campaign began four years ago when the Howard Government announced sweeping changes to workplace laws that would strip away basic rights at work.  
  Today, women, who do the same job as men, must be paid the same. Unions aim for everyone to be treated equally at work and closing the gender pay gap and providing more opportunities for working women are major priorities.  
  Recognising that for many workers retirement incomes are still inadequate, the ACTU is campaigning for a lift in employer superannuation contributions to 12%.  
  The new national paid maternity leave scheme is a big win for Australian women and their families. After 30 years of campaigning women will now have support to keep their jobs and financial security when they have a baby.  
  Climate change is the most pressing social and economic challenge we face, and Australians will be hit hard if we do not respond urgently.  
  International brings attention to international union news, global trade and labour standards and solidarity.