Submission into inquiry into Australia’s Human Rights Dialogues with China and Vietnam

Commuters on motorbikes in Vietnam
05 August, 2011 | Submission The ACTU believes that, properly structured, human rights dialogues can provide an important avenue through which to facilitate cooperation between countries on human rights issues and to have a meaningful and practical impact on respect for human rights.

Like many other civil society organisations in Australia, however, the ACTU questions whether the bilateral dialogue process as it is currently constituted is effective in achieving these objectives. In particular, we are concerned that the process lacks adequate transparency and accountability.

At present, there is no means of determining what, if any, meaningful exchanges took place through the dialogue processes or whether dialogue has produced or contributed to any tangible outcomes.

The ACTU recommends that the dialogues be restructured in such a way as to improve accountability and to ensure that they engender real value, with measurable indicators of success.
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