ACTU Organising Works Program

Organising Works - Training new Organisers in the skills of organising and recruitment.
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Utilising new and innovative approaches to organising, OW assists unions throughout the movement to develop trained and competent organisers, capable of delivering effective and sustained campaigns.  
OW prepares new organisers in the skills of organising and recruitment, covering topics such as:
- knowledge of the workplace relations system and laws;
- bargaining and dispute resolution;
- consultation and communication with workers and employers;
- identifying and resolving issues of concern to workers;
- implementing and monitoring WH&S laws, policies and procedures;
- understanding current economic and policy issues relevant to the workplace.

All participating unions agree to:
a) Provide a supportive environment where most of the participant’s work is focussed on organising, not resolving industrial issues, so the participant may successfully complete course work and assessment;
b) Provide a mentor who has adequate time to be actively involved in on the job training, supervision and assessment; and
c) Develop an organising plan for the participant to identify priority organising targets prior to the participant commencing OW.

Full program details, including Mentor responsibilities are in the Program & Assessment Information available to download below.

2015 Program: For 2015 we can confirm OW will commence in NSW and VIC.
WA is a possibility. QLD looks unlikely. Participants from QLD may consider joining NSW, VIC or WA groups.
Timetables for these states are available to download below.

Interest is still being sought from unions in SA. If sufficient interest a timetable will become available.
NB: Minimum numbers required for the program to run in each state is 8.  Places are limited to 16.

Unions wishing to nominate participants should have their participant submit the Course Application form. The application includes a section for the union to complete to agree to participation in the program and detailing who the mentor will be.

Unions wishing to reserve places because they are currently recruiting or have not yet decided who to put forward, should contact the Organising Centre or the Educator in their state.  
Unions needing help in their advertising / recruitment process may discuss this with the Educator in their state.

EXTENDED Deadline for unions to nominate participants or reserve places is MONDAY 15 DECEMBER 2014
Unions who have not yet submitted Participant Applications are urged to do so ASAP prior to Monday 15 Dec 2014

A Group Interview for NSW has been scheduled for Tuesday 16 December, 9.30am, Presidents Room, Level 3 Trades Hall, 4 Goulburn St Sydney. NSW participants and mentors are encouraged to attend.
No Group Interviews are scheduled for VIC.

Participants:  Participants are new organisers employed by a union. In general, we recommend they have less than 4 years experience as an organiser.  Participants must be nominated by their union.

If your union is interested in putting you forward for OW 2015, submit the Course Application form. The application includes a section for your union to complete to agree to your participation in the program and detailing who your mentor will be.

Participants who do not have a nominating union may express their interest by sending their CV (detailing their union/activism experience) to the Organising Centre or the Educator in their state.  Their CV may then be passed on to unions who are recruiting.

NB: Some states may require participants to attend a Group Interview as part of the application process.
NB: ACTU Organising Centre may decline a participant nomination if the participant is deemed not suitable for the program.

Delivery & Duration: OW combines formal, structured training sessions conducted by ACTU Organising Centre, with on-the-job experience allowing participants to gain the skills, strategies and knowledge required to work effectively as a union organiser.  
Formal training comprises 12 courses (a total of 41 days) of face to face training over 10 months.
Timetables for each state are available to download below.

Training is nationally accredited and formally assessed via a range of methods, including workplace-based projects, written activities and observation of demonstrated skills.  Participants successfully completing all assessment are awarded the Certificate IV in Unionism & Industrial Relations (BSB41807) qualification, comprising 10 Units of Competency.  
Full details of delivery, competency units and assessment are in the Program & Assessment Information available to download below.

Cost:  $4,550.00 per participant, payable by the union (invoiced after Course 2).  This fee covers:
- All tuition and administration costs: $3300 ($275 per course) GST free.
- Travel, accommodation and meals at the Residential Course: $1,250 GST inclusive.

Full details of the Fees & Refunds Policy are in the Program & Assessment Information available to download below.

Contacts: To discuss the OW 2015 Program, contact:
- QLD:  Chris Doyle. Ph: 07 3846 2468 E: 
- NSW: Alice Salomon. Ph: 02 8268 9713 E: 
- VIC: Madeleine Wolf. Ph: 03 9664 7328 E:
- WA: Keryn Anderson. Ph: 08 6313 6017 E: 
- SA: Jane Clarke. Ph: 08 8279 2230 E:
- Margaret Dwyer. RTO Compliance Officer. Ph: 03 9664 7321 E: 

Download program and qualification details, forms and 2015 course timetables below.

2014 Participants & Mentors may access assessment documents here
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