Organising for Safer Workplaces

This course provides Organisers and/or Officials with the skills and knowledge to effectively communicate, organise and provide leadership on Work Health and Safety issues in Australian workplaces.

The course covers the key concepts required to enable participants to co-ordinate a campaign or organising strategy in health and safety and to educate and involve workers.

These concepts include:

  • An understanding of the main WHS frameworks operating in Australia;
  • How Unions have traditionally organised and built worker collective power around WHS issues;
  • Review of recent successful WHS organising campaigns to identify what worked and why;
  • How legislation can assist in establishing unionised health and safety structures and decision-making processes at work;
  • The social and economic benefits to workers and employers of monitoring and improving WHS in the workplace; and
  • How to communicate and consult effectively with workers and employers around WHS issues, including within the context of enterprise bargaining.

Learning Outcomes
At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain how to use current WHS and other related legislation (e.g. industrial, equal opportunity and discrimination law) to build union organising power at a workplace.
  • Describe and/or develop a strategy to build union power at a workplace using WHS issues and legislation.