ACTU Calls On Govt To Halt Deceitful IR Ads: People Wont Be Conned

Renewing the ACTUs call for the ads to be withdrawn, ACTU President Sharan Burrow said:

Every way you look at it these ads are deceitful.

The people that appear in the ads were tricked into thinking they were appearing in a health and safety video.

And calls to the Government information line as well as recent polls show most Australians see through the ads and view them as propaganda.

Health and safety lie

  • A report in todays The Age newspaper tells of Phelia Grimwade, a hairdresser who was paid $1000 to appear in what she was told would be a health and safety video. Another two former employees at the factory where the ads were filmed have also said they were told it was for a health and safety video.
  • In fact, the Governments IR changes will lead to lower health and safety standards as unions are restricted from workplaces and people employed on individual contracts work longer hours -- leading to greater levels of fatigue, stress, and workplace accidents.

Protected by law lie

  • Contrary to the claims in the ads, the fact is that Australian workers are not protected by the new laws. Under the new laws, any worker, at any time, can be put on to an AWA individual contract that removes conditions and cuts take home pay. Existing pay rates can be reduced to the minimum and conditions like overtime, penalty rates, meal breaks, public holidays, weekend rates and redundancy pay can be removed.
  • A leaked call centre report in todays Herald Sun newspaper shows many workers are angry about the Governments plans and view them as propaganda, commenting:
  • ``I FIND the amount of money that's being spent on this advertising campaign is totally disgraceful.'' ``TOO much money is being spent on propaganda.''


11am Wednesday 26 October 2005
Sharan Burrow, ACTU President
ACTU House -- Level 3, 393 Swanston St Melbourne