Participant Code of Conduct for Behaviour
All participants of ACTU Organising Centre are responsible for helping to maintain a safe, inclusive and positive learning environment.
Participants are expected to observe the Code of Conduct for Behaviour
It is the responsibility of every participant to be aware of, familiar with, to understand and to abide by this Code. 

Grievance Resolution Procedure
Any participant may raise a concern or submit a complaint. All complaints will be managed in accordance with the Grievance Resolution Procedure.

ACTU Organising Centre collects, holds, uses and discloses participant personal and sensitive information, as supplied during course application and training, in accordance with ACTU Privacy Policy 
ACTU Organising Centre may disclose personal information to other ACTU entities for program management purposes, and to statutory authorities and funding bodies for government reporting and statistical purposes. Where the participant’s union/employer has paid the participant enrolment fee, ACTU may report a participant’s participation, attendance and/or assessment outcomes to their union/employer.

Access and Equity / Support for Participants
ACTU Organising Centre is committed to ensuring all participants have reasonable access to training irrespective of their sexual preferences, culture, age, race, socio-economic background or disability. 
Educators will make reasonable adjustments to facilities and program delivery to maximise access and participation by all participants, and to ensure safety.
Participants are given opportunity to individually discuss any special needs they have with their Educator.
Participants experiencing difficulty with course work are encouraged to talk to their Educator for help.

Participant Enrolment  
To enrol in an ACTU Organising Centre courses, participants must be a union member and/or nominated by their union. 
For some courses, such as Organising Works, processes may be undertaken to determine participant suitability. 

Attendance Requirements for Face to Face Training
Participants must attend each day of training, unless otherwise pre-arranged with their educator.  
Generally, training is 9am - 5pm, with an hour lunch break. Punctual attendance at all sessions is expected.
Participants sign an attendance sheet each day as confirmation of attendance.
If unable to attend training due to illness, or other valid reason, participants should contact the educator ASAP in advance.
Educators will make reasonable attempts to catch the participant up on the missed learning and assessments.

Policy Information for Qualification Courses
ACTU Organising Centre delivery of accredited training follows the policies specific to qualification courses.