Welcome to our new website

Welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new Australian Council of Trade Unions website.

A lot has changed since we last developed our website in 2008. That was before the days of Facebook, Twitter and a range of other social media.

It was also before we started using our mobile phones as our main device for browsing the web.

With that in mind, the ACTU has set out to provide you with a website that is utterly contemporary and has all the functionality you would expect.

The most important change is that the website is now fully-responsive to any type of device – desktop/laptop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

This means you should have no problems reading or navigating your way around the site whatever type of device you are using.

We have also redesigned the layout of the site to make finding your way around easier. Sections are now grouped together more logically under five main departments: Our Work, Get Involved, Education & Training, Events, Media and About the ACTU.

Another change is that the text is both clearer and larger for viewing on mobile phones in particular.

To make it easier to share content from the site on social media, there are hovering share icons on every page. Searching for documents should also be faster and more accurate.

There are many other improvements which you will discover as you explore the site.

Over coming months, we will be unveiling further changes to improve the user experience. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback by email at media@actu.org.au

** Please note that users of Internet Explorer and some older browsers may experience less than optimal results with this website. Firefox or Google Chrome should be used for the best desktop/laptop experience.