ACTU leader visits Far North as polls show mood for change

ACTU leader visits Far North as polls show mood for change

ACTU Secretary Sally McManus will visit Cairns on Wednesday to launch the Change the Rules campaign in the region. Ms McManus will address a group of local activists on Wednesday evening at a campaign event, after taking part in the CFMMEU Indigenous conference earlier in the day.

Ms McManus’ visit comes as issues polling conducted by Reachtel and the ACTU shows broad support for changes that will deliver more secure jobs and fair pay rises for working Australians.

The polling shows more than 70% support for changes to the law to expand the scope of bargaining, expand access to industrial action as a last resort and stop wage theft and casualisation.

The polling of the Federal Division of Leichhardt, covering the area from Cairns to Torres Strait, shows:


  •           62.3% support expanding bargaining to industry or sector levels
  •           58.4% support making it easier to take industrial action as a last resort
  •           70.6% want legislative action to stop wage theft
  •           57.7% support action to reduce casualisation


Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:  

“People across Far North Queensland are telling us what workers across Australia have been telling us. The rules are broken and something needs to change.


“These people are telling the Turnbull Government that working people need stronger rights, that protections for working people have been eroded and that we are not getting the secure jobs and fair pay rises that we need.


“We can change the rules so the people have more secure jobs, fair pay and a better quality of life in Far North Queensland.


“Instead of addressing the concerns of the overwhelming majority of the community, the Turnbull Government is persisting with $65 billion in corporate tax cuts for big businesses and the banks.”