Anniversary of Wave Hill cold comfort to CDP workers

Anniversary of Wave Hill cold comfort to CDP workers

Workers in the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s racially discriminatory Community Development Program (CDP) will mark the anniversary of the Wave Hill walk-off by continuing their struggle against the same denial of basic work rights and pay which Indigenous workers were protesting 52 years ago.

The historic walk off by the Gurindji led by Vincent Lingiari was a powerful stand for equal pay and equal rights.

The CDP will ensure that the legacy of this government will be denying pay and basic workplace and human rights to Indigenous workers in this country.

The First Nations Workers Alliance is campaigning for the same basic rights that the Gurindji fought for decades ago and does so with the support of the entire Australian union movement which has a proud record of standing with Indigenous people in their struggle for rights.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Indigenous Officer Lara Watson:

“It’s an appalling shame that CDP workers mark the 52nd anniversary of the Wave Hill Walk Off by continuing to fight for the most basic rights of Indigenous workers under this racially discriminatory program.

“The Turnbull government must act to ensure that Indigenous workers have the same rights as non-Indigenous workers, by abolishing this program.

“The union movement stood with the Gurindji in 1966, and is proud to stand with CDP workers now through the FNWA.”