Change the Rules goes global on World Day for Decent Work

Change the Rules goes global on World Day for Decent Work

As the peak body for working people in Australia announced a month-long series of public protests supported by a broadcast advertising blitz, the ACTU’s call to Change the Rules has gone global.

The International Trade Unions Confederation has declared Change the Rules the theme of this year’s World Day for Decent Work, which is observed today on Sunday October 7.

The World Day of Decent Work, now in its 10th year, marks the achievements of trade unions, and pays homage to those who have sacrificed so much in struggles for workers’ rights and freedoms.

It is a renewed call for working people to stand up against a global economic system which benefits the privileged elite at the expense of working people and their families.

Unionists and allies from across the world will take part, with thousands of activities carried out by millions of people in more than 100 countries.


Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

“The rules are stacked against working people, both in Australia and around the world. Workers are struggling make ends meet while a small number of wealthy multinationals like Amazon, 7-11 and Exxon stash incalculable profits away in tax havens.

“In countries where working people are able to bargain together across industries or sectors, wages, employment, productivity and workers’ safety are better, and inequality lower, than in countries like Australia where bargaining is limited to a single business.

“Australia and other countries around the world, from Cambodia and the Philippines to Hungary and the USA, are experiencing growing inequality as the result of excessive corporate power.

“But there is enough wealth in the world to meet the challenges of our time like creating decent work for all, ensuring universal social protection and tackling climate change.

“The rules need to change. And to achieve that, we need to give working people the tools they need to win fair pay rises and more secure jobs so that working people everywhere can live better lives.”