Entsch gets pay rise as penalty rate cuts deepen

Entsch gets pay rise as penalty rate cuts deepen

On the same day that local MP Warren Entsch will receive a massive pay rise, local workers will suffer through the second round of the Turnbull Government penalty rate cuts, which recent polling shows face overwhelming community opposition.

Workers will hold a roadside rally on Friday at Sheridan St, North Cairns (outside Cairns Hockey grounds) between 6-8am and later (12.30pm) gather outside the office of federal Member for Leichhardt Warren Entsch in a peaceful protest to highlight the widespread community support for protecting penalty rates.

On 2 July, Entsch is set to benefit from a pay rise for politicians the day after penalty rates are cut again for our lowest paid workers in retail, hospitality, fast food and pharmacy industries.

Quotes attributable to QCU Cairns Branch President Rob Hill:

“Warren Entsch has voted repeatedly to cut penalty rates for the over 9000 affected workers in his electorate.

“We know there is overwhelming support for the plan to restore penalty rates for the hundreds of thousands of workers who have seen them ripped away under a Coalition government.

“However, instead of addressing the concerns of the overwhelming majority of the community, the Turnbull Government is persisting with $80 billion in corporate tax cuts for big businesses, and $17 billion of that to the big banks.

“Protections for working people have been eroded.  We need to change the rules so working people have more secure jobs, fair pay and a better quality of life.”

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:      

“The Turnbull Government is cutting the pay of hundreds of thousands of people who rely on penalty rates at the same time as they’re delivering handouts to big business.

“This isn’t fair. The money that Turnbull is handing to big business is coming out of our hospitals, schools, childcare centres and community services.

“It’s not surprising that the twin policies that taking away from working people and giving public money to big business are so unpopular. These ideas have been proven not to benefit the community.  These are bad ideas.

“People won’t stand for this. We can and will change the rules so people come before big businesses.”


WHAT: Workers show support for restoring penalty rates:

a) Roadside protest 6-8am Cairns North (in front of Cairns Hockey);

b) Peaceful Protest outside Federal MPs office at 12.30pm

WHEN: a)6-8 am; & b) 12.30pm Friday, 29 June     

WHERE: a) Sheridan St, Cairns North (in front of Cairns Hockey); b) Outside MP Entsch’s office 200 Mulgrave Rd, Cairns.