Issue a visa, “create” a job – Turnbull’s true job creation legacy

Issue a visa, “create” a job – Turnbull’s true job creation legacy

The Turnbull Government campaigned on ‘jobs and growth’, but has created a crisis of insecure employment, according to new ACTU analysis, with half of all new jobs going to temporary visa holders since 2013.

The Coalition’s True Jobs Legacy report by the peak body for working people reveals:

    - An explosion in the number of easily exploited temporary visa holders filling new jobs
    - A crisis in insecure work
    - A failure to meaningfully reduce the unemployment rate
    - A collapse in wage growth.

The Turnbull Government has done nothing for working people in Australia and has in fact left them worse off, with crises in insecure work, underemployment and youth unemployment.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:
“The Turnbull Government has talked a lot about job creation but has done nothing to improve the job prospects or job security of working people. In fact, under their watch jobs have become more insecure and one in ten workers are on temporary work visas.

“Multiple Australian governments have ‘created’ as many jobs as the Turnbull government all at times when the working population was smaller and without the explosion in insecure work or half the jobs going to people on temporary visas.

“For more secure work and better pay we need to change the rules.

“We need to give power back to working people so that they have job security protections and we stop the casualisation of jobs.

“The Turnbull Government will be remembered as the government that denied and ignored the insecure work crisis that dominates the working lives of a majority of working people.