O’Dwyer announces expansion of youth exploitation scheme

O’Dwyer announces expansion of youth exploitation scheme

The Morrison Government will expand the PaTH ‘internship’ program, a scheme which pays private businesses to use a pool of vulnerable unemployed young people as free labour.

Participants in the program are paid $4 per hour for their work, which undermines the availability of genuine entry level roles.

The Minister claims that 100,000 young people found a job in the last financial year, ignoring the fact that in the last 18 months the Government has only managed to force 4,785 people through the PaTH program.

PaTH and similar programs, like the CDP replace real, paying jobs with unpaid positions by providing companies with free labour. The Morrison Government is continuing to facilitate a race to the bottom on wages.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“This Government is paying for-profit businesses to exploit young people. It’s outrageous and the scheme must be scrapped.

 “The PaTH program doesn’t provide jobs or legal wages, it doesn’t prepare young people for work, it punishes them for the Morrison government’s failure to create enough ongoing secure jobs and apprenticeships.

“If the Morrison Government was serious about helping young people into work it would return the billions it has cut from vocational training, TAFE and apprenticeships.

“Programs like PaTH are why we are watching a generation of workers grow up without knowing what a good, steady job looks like. Young workers need secure work.

 “We need to change the rules so that the next generation of workers have better pay and more secure jobs not $4 an hour internships.”