O’Dwyer stacks independent umpire with bosses

O’Dwyer stacks independent umpire with bosses

The peak body for working people in Australia condemns the actions of the Minister for Jobs and Industrial Relations Kelly O’Dwyer, who has stacked the independent Fair Work Commission with six new big-business lobbyists in the last days of her failing government.

These appointments are reportedly against the express wishes of the Fair Work Commissioner and go directly against the intended function of the commission as an independent body.

This takes the “balance” of appointments to the commission to 30 business representatives, with only 14 representatives of working people.

Kelly O’Dwyer and her government are grossly out of touch with working people and will stop at nothing to appease their friends in big business.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:  

“This is a disgraceful abuse of power. Kelly O’Dwyer is using the dying days of her ministry to stack the supposedly independent umpire with big business lobbyists.

“She is stacking the body that is supposed to protect the pay and rights of working people with representatives from the big business lobby against the wishes of the president of that body.

“These six appointments will result in a Fair Work Commission that is almost two-thirds comprised of people who’ve spent their lives attacking working ­people’s rights as big business lawyers and lobbyists.”