Turnbull attacks own workforce with regressive bargaining policy

Turnbull attacks own workforce with regressive bargaining policy

The cabinet-approved bargaining policy released by Malcolm Turnbull’s Public Service Commissioner undermines job security, takes power from working people and is designed to start a wage race to the bottom, the ACTU has said.

The policy and guidance issued this week by Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd demands “wages restraint” and caps public service wage rises at two percent a year. It also advises public service senior management that they do not need to make collective agreements and can push their staff onto individual contracts instead.

The policy also bans agreements limiting the casualisation of people working for the Federal Government, as well as the use of outside contractors and labour hire companies to replace full-time and part-time employees.

Quotes attributable to Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary:

“This document was approved by cabinet and has the fingerprints of Turnbull and Cash all over it. It’s designed the undermine the wages and job security of tens of thousands of ordinary Australians workers.”

“You can see what the Turnbull Government thinks about working people from the way they treat the people who work for them. And it’s appalling.”

“These workers need a decent pay rise and job security, just like all Australians, but this regressive policy is designed to delivery exactly the opposite.”

“This Government has broken collective bargaining across the economy and is now pushing this policy of individual contracts on public sector workers. It’s reminiscent of WorkChoices and would kick off a race to the bottom.”  

“Australians need good secure jobs and decent wages but the Government instead wants us to be farmed out to labour hire companies or placed on short-term deals.

“It’s the ultimate act of disrespect to people who have been bargaining in good faith, even though the system is stacked against them, for four years without a pay rise.”