Wages stalled, all work less secure: ABS

Wages stalled, all work less secure: ABS

Median wage growth has been stalled at under 2% over recent years according to ABS statistics released today.

The data also reveals that one in four workers are paid less than $680 per week which is almost $40 less than the minimum wage.

19% of Australian workers do not have a guaranteed minimum number of hours each week and 24% have earnings which vary through the year.

This is the face of the insecure work crisis and is making it impossible for huge numbers of Australian workers to do long-term or even short-term financial planning.

Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

“These figures show what workers already know; wages are stalled or going backwards, work is becoming more insecure and the future is hard to plan for.

“The wage growth crisis is now effecting all areas of the economy. The Morrison Government is sitting on its hands while workers struggle to make ends meet.

“The Morrison Government is completely out of touch with the experience of Australian workers.  There is nothing fair about a person earning less than $680 per week who isn’t even guaranteed a shift next week.

“We can only hope that the insecurity of the jobs of most in the coalition party room will teach our elected representatives about the lives of their constituents.

“We need to change the rules to ensure that working people have decent wages on which they can support themselves and their families, and certainty in employment which allows them to plan their lives.”