About us

To ensure that workers have a voice, workers must be organised. To organise workers, we need strong Unions.

The ACTU Organising Centre assists Unions to build organisational strength and capacity and aids the professional development and training of officials, organisers and delegates.


Capacity Building, Planning and Consultancy for Unions

We assist Unions to develop strategic and operational plans, and to build their capacity to implement those plans. We can assist Unions with structural and internal changes to ensure resources are targeted and used to their best capacity, providing a strong foundation to grow and to win campaigns.

Training and Professional Development

Training and education is vital to the professional development of Unionists, from Leaders to Organisers, Campaigners to Delegates, Industrial Officers to Researchers. By gaining new knowledge and skills, and connecting with other unionists in a learning environment, the movement as a whole is strengthened.

We provide training, mentoring and coaching for Unionists with all levels of experience, from those who are new to the movement, through to Leaders.  Our programs are designed to help you develop strong foundation skills that can be built on through our specialist training.

As a Registered Training Organisation, we provide accredited training in health and safety, training and assessment and unionism and industrial relations.

We offer:

  • Delegate training that we can deliver for individual unions or as multi union courses
  • Organising Works: a flagship training and mentoring program for new organisers
  • Short courses for beginner to lead organisers that expand their skills and knowledge of organising and campaigning
  • Workshops and events to bring unions together on workplace and industrial issues affecting Australian workers and Unions
  • Accredited training for health and safety specialists via our Cert IV in Workplace Health & Safety
  • Networks for Trainers and Educators
  • Campaign strategy consultation sessions with our experienced Campaigners
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Organisational change management
  • Coaching and Mentoring for Union Leaders and Lead Organisers
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