Training for Federal Right of Entry

Course Aims: The Federal Right of Entry course provides participants information and resources about workplace laws relating to how unions may enter workplaces. It focuses on the Fair Work Act 2009, and the reasons for entry, namely:

  • For investigating a suspected contravention of the Act or Fair Work instruments Division 2, Subdivision A, Section 481.
  • To hold discussions with workers who are members or eligible to be members Division 2, Subdivision B, Section 484.
  • Under State and Tettitory OHS laws Division 3, Section 494.

Learning Outcomes: At course completion participants will be able to demonstrate understanding of Part 3-4 of the Fair Work Act 2009, and apply for a Right of Entry Permit from the Fair Work Commission.

Method: The ACTU online, self-paced course allows participants to:

1. Access learning items (websites and PowerPoint slides) to gain information and resource about right of entry.

2. Complete a 32 question Federal Right of Entry Assessment and upon successful completion receive a Statement of Completion certificate.

3. Apply to the Fair Work Commission for an entry permit, submitting their certificate as evidence of meeting the requirements for 'approved training' under the legislation. (Note: Application for a permit must take place within 3 months of obtaining a certificate.)

Timeframe: Participants should aim to complete the course within 3 months from enrolment.

Suitable For: Union officials needing a Right of Entry Permit from the Fair Work Commission. Note: This course covers the general provisions of the Fair Work Act and DOES NOT deal with right of entry regarding TCF outworkers.

Cost: $110 per participant, GST inclusive.

NOTE: You must submit your FWC entry permit application within 3 months from the date of issue on your certificate. Otherwise FWC will not accept your application and you will need to re-enrol and pay for the course again.

Enrolment: Register for the course via our online enrolment system: Enrol@OrgCentre. We aim to process applications within 2 business days of receipt. Once your application is processed, we will email you details to access the training on the ACTU Organising Centre Hub.

For assistance contact ACTU Organising Centre at email or phone 03 9664 7360.