Get Organised

“Change comes from power and power comes from organisation.” Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals

Effective workplace organising empowers workers. By building communities and action around shared values and goals, workers are stronger together.

Successful organising requires a multitude of skills and the capacity to lead and inspire.

How we can help

The ACTU Organising Centre specialises in Organiser training and mentoring.  We offer short courses, training programs, and coaching and mentoring for Organisers at all levels, from beginners through to Lead and Experienced Organisers.


Training and Professional Development

Organising Works is a comprehensive program that immerses new Organisers in the skills required for effective union organising, including recruitment, communication skills, the industrial relations system, and negotiation and bargaining. More information is available at Organising Works.

We also offer Organiser Pathway Level 1 - Organising Foundations, a 5-day course that provides the essential skills and knowledge required to work effectively in the union movement.

Once Organisers have had some experience in the field, they can expand their organising skills through our range of level 2 and 3 courses. These courses help Organisers develop specialist skills in areas including bargaining, negotiation, recruitment, grievance handling, WHS and many more.

Experienced Organisers can further develop their knowledge and understanding of contemporary organising theory and practice through Organiser Pathway Level 4 - Craft of Organising, and our Lead Organiser Development Program equips those who lead a team at a state or national level to effectively implement an organising plan.

Skilled Delegates are essential in building power in the workplace. Core Skills for Delegates & Activists introduces new Delegates to the skills needed to effectively represent their members. We recommend running this course for a group of your Unions’ delegates.

Contact us to talk about your Union's training needs or browse our upcoming courses.


Capacity Building, Mentoring and Consultancy Work

The ACTU Organising Centre provides tailored training, mentoring and consultancy to help your Union get organised!

We can tailor all of our courses to meet the Organising needs of your Union, and assist with networking and capacity building for Organisers across the movement, on the job and as part of campaigns.

Contact us to discuss your Unions plan to get organised.


Union Officials: is your Federal Right of Entry permit up-to-date?

Fair Work entry permits are valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Make sure yours is up to date. If you need to complete your right of entry training, enrol in our online training.

For more information on entry permits, see Fair Work Commission

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