Grow Leadership

Today’s union leaders are operating in a constantly changing economic, social and political environment. Now more than ever, leaders must find new strategies to build strong Unions, to reach workers in new industries and through new media, to grow membership, and to build a Union capable of winning.

The new ACTU Leadership Program equips Union leaders, from Secretaries to Directors to Lead Organisers to Lead Campaigners, with the adaptive skills that enable Unions to take on these challenges and win.

How we can help

We offer leadership courses, mentoring and coaching programs and opportunities to network with other leaders that will inspire you to build your union's capacity.


Training and Professional Development

If you’re a President, Secretary or Assistant Secretary and you’d like to improve your leadership skills and build capacity in your union, come to our course Leading Unions. It will explore the practices and skills that leaders need to motivate staff and members, develop effective strategies and undertake organisational change to powerfully change lives.

For Lead Organisers, we understand the role you play in carrying out your Unions’ strategies on the ground with your Organisers.  Attend our Lead Organiser Development Program to build your skills in planning, strategic organising, and mentoring.

Leading a successful Campaign requires a focused, well-planned strategy and a thorough understanding of your Unions’ capacity. Leading Campaigns extends your skills in developing campaign strategies and in coordinating and inspiring confidence in your campaigners and organisers.

Contact us to talk about your Union's training needs or browse our upcoming courses.

Capacity Building, Mentoring and Consultancy Work

We can assist with the following:

  • Strategic and operational planning. We can help develop your Unions strategic plans, organising plans, staff development plans, workplace leader plans, or industry plans
  • Professional development of officials and staff through coaching and mentoring
  • Organisational change management.
  • Working with internal Educators on delegate development education programs
  • Creating or establishing networks and relationships

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