Win Campaigns

Successful union campaigns bring workers and communities together to build power, create change, achieve fairer, safer workplaces, and contribute to building a better life for all.

Designing and running a successful campaign requires high level research and analysis, strategic thinking and planning, building of alliances, sophisticated media and communication skills, and capacity to deliver your campaign plan.

How we can help

We offer training courses, professional development and organisational consultancy to help unions develop the skills needed to plan, deliver and win campaigns, at the workplace, industry, state and national level.


Training and Professional Development

Our courses develop campaigning skills for Delegates, Organisers, Researchers, Lead Organisers and Campaign Leaders.

Campaigning for Delegates provides delegates with the skills and knowledge to plan a campaign at the workplace, develop effective communication networks, and prepare their members to communicate with and respond effectively to employers during a campaign. We recommend this training for groups of your Union’s delegates preparing for a campaign.

Organisers play a critical role in building workers’ support for and participation in campaigns. Campaigning Skills for Organisers provides organisers with the skills needed to develop activists and leaders in the workplace and to deliver an effective union campaign.

Leading Campaigns is for those with overall responsibility for developing and leading strategic, large-scale campaigns. The training focuses on research and analysis skills, strategic thinking, building teams, and planning a coordinated, multilayered approach to winning. This multi-union course also provides insight into how other unions organise campaigns to win.

Successful campaigns are built on a shared understanding of what needs to change and why. Introduction to Strategic Industry & Corporate Research provides researchers and campaigners with the skills to analyse the corporate, economic and social challenges facing their industries and to identify key stakeholders who can influence the outcome of a campaign.

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Campaign Strategy Planning & Consultancy

We also provide tailored training and consultancy to help develop your Union’s planning, organising and campaign skills.

We offer coaching and mentoring throughout a campaign, providing Lead Organisers and Lead Campaigners the opportunity to workshop ideas and get advice on the strategic and operational challenges of campaigning.

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