1. The ACTU Organising Centre assists unions to build organisational strength and capacity, and aids the professional development and training of officials, organisers and delegates.

2. The Centre is undertaking a 4-year project to develop accessible, online and digital education and training to equip unionists and workers in Victoria to participate effectively in industrial and workplace relations systems in the new, digital economy.

3. The objectives of the UTECH Project are:

  • To develop and deliver Victorian-specific digital educational content that has demonstrative value to Victorian unionists and workers, and which can be adapted to a national context; and
  • To digitally educate and activate unions (officials, delegates and members) and workers about their workplace rights.

The project has six program streams to meet these objectives:

  • OHSHELP is a mobile phone App thateducates Organisers and HSR’s in Victoria about Victorian OHS legislation, in simple language, whilst giving them tips on how best to organise around OHS issues.
  • YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW is digital content educating Victorian Workers on their rights at work, shared via social media. 
  • WORKHELP will be a technology tool that translates basic rights at work education for NESB workers in Victoria.
  • WOMEN’s ESSENTIALS (working title) will be an online and classroom-based training course for the women of Victoria.
  • DIGITAL DELEGATES (working title) will be working with interested Victorian unions to develop collective projects to educate and support delegates in Victorian Workplaces.

4. The Development of WORKHELP will be informed from the findings of a 6-month research project, with a proposed start date in February next year. WORKHELP will provide education on basic workplace issues and rights by developing a language translation technology tool for Victorian NESB workers.

NESB workers in Victoria require specialised information and education in their first language about their rights at work. Anecdotaly, it is assumed that NESB workersare less informed of their rights, experience higher rates of wage theft, abuse and workplace accidents. This group requires specialised information, education and support in easy to access ways, and in the language they are proficient in. The ACTU Organising Centre is committed to combating the emerging challenges faced by unions to educate these workers on their rights at work due to the increasing digitisation and decentralisation of work. Our aim is to inform, upskill and activate workers through their digital lives about their rights in the workplace; recognising that traditional workplaces are no longer the sole place to grow capacity.

The research will have two areas of focus:

  1. To understand which organisations in Victoria, nationally and internationally are reaching NESB workforces successfully through technology; and which of these organisations are using this technology to educate them. From this understanding, what lessons can the ACTU learn to help inform the development of a multi-language translation tool for NESB workers in Victoria?
  2. To survey Victorian Unions about their NESB workforces and to invite interested Victorian unions to an advisory group to help develop the technology and content for the Multi-language translation tool beyond this research.


The Centre is seeking Expressions of Interest from an experienced and skilled researcher with skills closely aligned with.

  1. Demonstrated research skills, including the ability to source, interpret and develop research findings; delivering on agreed upon outcomes and timeframes, whilst collaborating across multiple teams and organisations.
  2. Post Graduate research qualifications.
  3. Researchers with a track record in exploring the needs of people with non-English speaking backgrounds.
  4. Ability to build and maintain networks.
  5. Broad understanding and knowledge of contemporary industrial issues affecting Victorian NESB workers, workplaces and industries; including the gaps in knowledge for these groups on their rights at work.
  6. Understanding and knowledge of the use of technology to access information.
  7. Highly developed organisational, communication and problem-solving skills; including a high degree of sensitivity, be articulate and accessible in approach.
  8. Ability to work autonomously, often working within tight deadlines.
  9. Demonstrated writing, reporting and editing skills.
  10. Multilingual skills would be highly regarded.

The Centre welcomes the opportunity to discuss UTECH and the aims of the WORKHELP Research Project with you in more detail, and to consider proposals for provision of services after these discussions have taken place. A contract including agreed activities and deliverables will be developed in consultation with the successful provider. A research fee for the delivery of the 6-month research project will be offered consistent with skills and experience. 

For further information about the project, and to arrange discussion, please contact the Project Manager, Mandy Beaumont, by Friday 1st February:

Mandy Beaumont, Project Manager
ACTU Organising Centre
Level 4/365 Queen Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
t (03) 9664-7362 f (03) 9670-0837


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