The ACTU Organising Centre assists Unions to build organisational strength and capacity and aids the professional development and training of officials, organisers and delegates.

What are we seeking

The Centre is seeking Expressions of Interest from experienced and suitably qualified technology project consultants to be able to work with us at various stages in the life of the Centre’s UTECH Project.

The role of the project consultant/s is to establish a project framework for the design, development and delivery stages for the UTECH program to successfully delivery technology-based outcomes.

What is UTECH

UTECH is an educational project focussed on the emerging challenges faced by unions to educate workers, on their rights at work, due to the increasing digitisation and decentralisation of work.

UTECH is a project that aims to inform, upskill and activate workers through their digital lives about their rights in the workplace; recognising that traditional workplaces are no longer the sole place to grow capacity.

UTECH will produce accessible online training and digital media to equip unionists and workers in Victoria to participate effectively in industrial and workplace relations systems in the new, digital economy.


  • To digitally educate and activate unions (officials, delegates and members) and workers about their workplace rights, and
  • To develop and deliver Victorian specific digital educational content that has demonstrative value to Victorian unionists and workers, and which can be adapted to a national context.

UTECH project logic

  • Educative and Informative.
  • Capacity building to reach more workers. (data driven outcomes)
  • Digital in its delivery.
  • Workers’ Rights Focused (both within the union movement and in the wider community)
  • Victorian centric.
  • Capable of national application.
  • Making key elements of the Organising Model available to more unionists, workers in accessible digital formats.

Structure of the UTECH project

The project has six program streams to meet these objectives:

  • OHSHELP is a mobile phone App thateducates Organisers and HSR’s in Victoria about Victorian OHS legislation, in simple language, whilst giving them tips on how best to organise around OHS issues.
  • YOUR RIGHT TO KNOW is digital content educating Victorian Workers on their rights at work, shared via social media.
  • WORKHELP is mobile phone app that translates basic rights at work education for NESB workers in Victoria.
  • WORKMATE is a text-bot mobile phone service for young people entering the workforce subcontracted to the Young Workers Centre.
  • WOMEN AT WORK will be a online and classroom based training course for the women of Victoria.
  • DIGITAL DELEGATES will be working with interested Victorian unions to develop ideas to educate and support delegates in Victorian Workplaces through technology.

Technology development and delivery expertise sought

1. The aim/goal of the role is to assist the Centre with establishing processes that enable the ongoing replication of success for all future online information and education projects that:

  • Engage workers and unionists in online learning
  • Transfer knowledge and skills through online information and education
  • Activate workers and unionists to give effect in their workplace to the knowledge and skills acquired online.

2. The key purpose of the role is to :

  • Establish a framework for success for UTECH overall.
  • Establish a framework for success for OHSHELP as our pilot UTECH program.

With a focus on replication of processes throughout the life of each of the 6 UTECH programs,  we are seeking frameworks that are able to be adapted to subsequent UTECH funded programs.

3. Specifically, for the above two frameworks, we are interested in:

  • Establishing workflow processes with the existing UTECH team for each project stream.
  • Defining project stream timelines and setting milestones
  • Overseeing project management needs and defining the process for

o   Defining the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) requirements to establish project scope to meet stakeholder expectations and the intended objectives for each project stream.

o   Interface design and usability testing iterations with defined user groups

o   Determining the technology stack and roadmap to release

o   An iterative design and development methodology

o   Quality assurance and user acceptance testing methodology

o   Delivery and release management plan

o   Ongoing maintenance requirements

  • Identifying skill sets for any additional resources required to deliver project outcomes
  • Identifying the ongoing maintenance and support needs of the program beyond launch.

To do this we seek technology project delivery experts with a track record in developing and delivering technology (including phone apps) projects from end to end. The Centre welcomes the opportunity to discuss UTECH with you in more detail, and to consider formal tender proposals for provision of services after these discussions have taken place. A contract including agreed activities and deliverables will be developed in consultation with the successful provider.

For further information about the project, and to arrange a discussion before Monday 18 March 2019, please contact:

Mandy Beaumont, Project Manager
ACTU Organising Centre
Level 4/365 Queen Street,
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
t (03) 9664-7362 f (03) 9670-0837


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