The rules are broken! Power has been shifted to the wealthy, to multi-national corporations and away from working people. The Australian Union movement is determined to Change the Rules.

We are growing our movement, getting people on board, fighting for economic & tax justice, defending & improving the living standards of working people, putting workers capital to use for the good of working people now and in retirement and we are changing the laws so working people have stronger work place rights.

We have a great team to get this done but it isn’t quite complete.

The rules are often set in Canberra by governments and cross benchers who we need to ensure know the workers side of the story before they make their decisions. We need a political director/officer to work with our leadership, to build bridges into political offices, to map and guide us through the political decision making processes and to ensure that the issues that matter to our affiliates and their members are getting a fair hearing.

If you know your way around the house, the senate and the union movement you could be the just the person we are looking to join the team. This job does require a lot of time in Canberra, excellent communication skills, an ability to build and maintain networks across a broad political spectrum and excellent political judgement. If you join us you will need to be a team player, understand that we work for our affiliates and that, even though we might “talk shop” while walking, this ain’t no West Wing.

If you are interested contact our Chief of Staff, Ben Davison, on with your CV (no more than 4 pages) and no more than a page on why you’re the right person to join our team.

Salary negotiable based on experience.

Apply online