Campaigner – Growth and Organising Team

The Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union is one of Australia’s largest trade unions representing workers in the construction, maritime, manufacturing, mining, energy and related industries. We are establishing a new team which will primarily focus on growth and organising initiatives. We are seeking an experienced and dynamic campaigner to take a key role in this work.

You will be part of a dedicated team within the broader campaigns initiatives of the union, which will have a special mission in growth and organising initiatives.


  • You will be an experienced campaigner familiar with comprehensive campaigning techniques.
  • You will be required to build strong working relationships will all parts of the union who are involved in the priority projects.
  • Ideally, you will be highly experienced and be able to mentor other campaigners and work collaboratively with them.
  • A challenge of this role is developing a strategic research knowledge base in different areas (developing and executing campaign strategy, tactics and also the general research architecture for priority projects). It will be necessary for the jobholder to balance a range of long-term research and campaign tasks across these different areas.  This will require effective time management in order to ensure that delivery is not seriously impacted by the range of short term demands that will inevitably emerge.
  • The jobholder will also be required to engage and activate Divisions, Branches and Districts in support of the campaign/projects. The post holder will need to be skilled at presenting complex information in a clear and concise manner.


  • The Campaigner will co-ordinate the assets of the campaign team and co-ordinate the integration of work across the priority projects.
  • Work with the campaign team to develop and implement campaign strategy
  • You will have Higher level research and campaigning skills as is required to support the development and leverage phase of the priority projects, particularly:
  • Analysis of industry power structures
  • Defining the market and contribute to target identification
  • Identifying and executing campaigning opportunities
  • Assess affiliate capacities and potential to engage in projects
  • Mentor and assist to build capacity in the research team and amongst Divisions, Branches and Districts and campaign allies.
  • Analyse industry power structure, including; power relationships between different levels of the industry, financial position and business models of key industry players, key political relationships
  • Assist Campaign Director with development of campaign models, and make recommendations on strategy
  • Identify campaign opportunities that arise from industry research and analysis
  • Identify leverage angles for priority projects, and conduct necessary research on specific leverage options, including vulnerability analysis of key target companies and/or industry wide critiques (e.g. white papers on safety, security, access)
  • Develop and execute campaign strategies
  • Identify, support and coordinate, as necessary, the conduct of activities and events that involve corporate, industry, political and community elements of the campaign
  • Work with communications staff in National Office/Divisions/Branches and districts to build and implement on-line strategies for the campaign
  • Maintain links and develop relationships with external campaign allies and contacts including other unions, GUFs and community and progressive political groups
  • Engage and effectively co-ordinate with other team members and campaign allies around campaign goals
  • Input to skill development of the campaign growth and organising staff
  • Develop project research plans
  • Make decisions on research strategy and put recommendations forward
  • Contribute to the development of the research skills and capacity of the National Union/Divisions/Branches and Districts
  • Construct and report to the Director on campaign goals and progress
  • Contribute to the development of the broader campaign strategy
  • Facilitate training and development and other initiatives to build the capacity of the Divisions, Branches and Districts of the union, partner organisations, activists and campaign allies
  • Write communication material for the audiences in the campaign eg workers, investors, government, community allies
  • Travel as necessary to work with the Divisions, Branches and Districts within the union and partner organisations

This is an ongoing appointment based in Sydney reporting to the National Secretary.  A generous salary is on offer.

How to apply for this job

Applications addressing the selection criteria should be emailed to, using the subject line: Campaigner– Growth and Organiser Team application

Applications close COB  5 March 2019

Apply online