Unions NSW is looking for a Senior Digital Campaigner – join our team!

What you’ll do

Unions NSW is rebuilding its digital campaign team and digital capacity to become a leader in innovative and thought provoking digital campaigns. Unions NSW wants to move union members and supporters beyond passive issue support to engagement and action in industrial and broader social campaigns.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for a person who is a leader and activist who will initially focus on redeveloping Unions NSW digital campaigning capacity to grow on-line activism through innovative digital strategies to win campaigns and grow the NSW union movement.

Who you are

  • You’re passionate about social justice and see collective action as the solution.
  • You’ve run and won digital campaigns by engaging and moving people from being online activists to being actively involved in social, political and/or community campaigns.
  • You’re innovative and want the opportunity to position Unions NSW as a leader is digital campaigning
  • You’re strategic, impact driven and have a proven record of delivering results.
  • You have experience developing innovative online fundraising opportunities.
  • You’re patient, a team-player, and comfortable working across a range of campaigns at the same time.
  • You’re prepared to participate in relevant training to develop within the position.

Job Role

This is a leadership and activist position with an initial focus on redeveloping Unions NSW digital campaigning capacity to increase our level of engagement with union members and supporters. The next stage is to grow on-line activism through innovative digital strategies to win campaigns and grow the NSW union movement.

Digital Team

Unions NSW is rebuilding its digital campaign team and digital capacity to become a leader in innovative and thought provoking digital campaigns.

Main Responsibilities

 1Campaign Implementation and Engagement

  • Develop and lead innovative digital campaigns which move union members and supporters through engagement to sustained participation and action in Unions NSW campaigns.
  • Co-ordinate the development of relevant databases and initiatives to collect data to enable the identification of audiences and key audience segments to engage and maintain activist participation throughout campaigns.

2. Implementing Relevant Campaign Strategies

  • Develop strategies and key messages to engage, activate and move key supporters throughout campaigns.
  • Co-ordinate the restructure of current digital assets to move Unions NSW to a best practice digital campaigning organisation.
  • Co-ordinate the development and implementation of digital strategies and online campaigning, social media and other communications
  • Manage and develop content and advertising for digital campaigns.

3. Stakeholder Management

  • Develop, maintain and manage relationships with other union communications officers and digital campaigners, external contractors and suppliers.
  • Work with the Unions NSW campaigns team and officers to conceptualise ideas and implement strategies to achieve Unions NSW campaign goals.
  • Encourage and support a team approach to organisational projects and activities.

4. Accountabilities, Reporting and Finance

  • Analyse, evaluate and report on the effectiveness of digital campaign strategies and activist engagement in consultation with the Campaigns Team, key external providers and Unions NSW leadership.
  • Manage regular reporting and analysis of relevant metrics (internal and external reports) to improve the effectiveness of digital campaigns, activist engagement and online content.
  • Manage communications budgets for campaigns as required.
  • Manage purchasing of hardware and software in conjunction with relevant staff.
  • Conduct projects as directed by the Secretary or their nominee.
  • Adhere to Unions NSW policies and practices including the Code of Conduct.

5. Innovation

  • Keep up to date with the latest new initiatives, practices, systems and methods of digital communication techniques to drive internal campaign innovation and position Unions NSW as a leader in digital campaigning.
  • Develop innovative fundraising opportunities for key campaigns and relevant industrial and social issues.
  • Convene a network of union communications officers and digital campaigners to foster and drive innovation and best practice.
  • Assist in the provision of advice to relevant affiliated organisations on digital campaigning and social media strategies.

Essential criteria

  1. Commitment to the principles of the trade union movement.
  1. Minimum 2 years experience of online campaigning or digital marketing in a campaigning, lobbying or advocacy environment.
  1. Demonstrated capacity to develop and lead innovative and effective digital campaigns which move activists and supporters through engagement to sustained action in campaigns.
  1. Demonstrated ability to work individually or as part of a team and to complete and implement work in a fast-paced high-pressure environment to meet tight deadlines.

5. Demonstrated understanding of the online landscape and web content and functionality with experience using online and digital campaign tools of CMS, email marketing software and social media platforms.

6. Experience in managing databases, data manipulation and implementing initiatives to grow membership lists and interpreting and reporting analytics to inform future actions.

7. Skills in creating digital content (including photographic, video content, graphic design and editing skills suitable to create social content), making sound judgements and publishing with minimal supervision.

8. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills including a capacity to engage with a wide range of unionists, community members and interest group leader.

9. Functional HTML and CSS skills.

Pay and Conditions

  • Salary: Based on skills and experience.
  • Hours of Work: 35 hours per week plus reasonable overtime.
  • Personal Leave: 10 days per annum (accumulative)
  • Annual Leave: 5 week’s annual leave with 17.5% leave loading
  • Long Service Leave: 2 months after 10 years’ service
  • Superannuation: 9.5% employer contributions 11.5% for female staff
  • Paid Parental Leave: 52 weeks leave including 22 weeks paid parental leave or 3 weeks paid parental leave non-primary carer

How to apply

  1. Unions NSW encourages applications from people who will enhance our diversity of people, cultural experiences and perspectives.
  1. To apply for this role please submit a CV (of no more than 3 pages) and a separate Cover Letter addressing the Essential Criteria contained in the job description above.
  1. Send copies of your CV and Cover Letter to Ms Mary O’Donoghue via email: modonoghue@unionsnsw.org.au
  1. Applications close 5:00pm on Tuesday, 26 September 2017.                                                                                                 
  1. For inquiries contact Unions NSW, Secretary, Mark Morey on (02) 9881 5915.


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