Course Content

Unions are more reliant than ever on digital tools, hardware, networks, processes and data. Digital technology is increasingly disrupting industries and the lives of members, and data rights of members has growing importance as a workplace rights issue. The ability for leaders to be digitally literate is vital for the effectiveness of unions to be relevant to members and workers.

This course will provide an introductory understanding of the technologies that are the foundation of future effectiveness and success for unions, from web and mobile, email, databases and data, and more. Using an ‘insurgent’ approach, it will assist in helping participants make decisions about major software purchases, and how to compete with employers and others on digital platforms.

Key Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of technology and digital concepts
  • Use that knowledge to make effective decisions and plans in response to changes in digital technology
  • Be able to support greater digital literacy through their union

Module 1: Introduction to implications of digital disruption for unions

Module 1 provides an overview of some of the key digital technologies for campaigns, organisations and ‘digital disruption’, including the future of data ownership and surveillance on workers’ rights. It will assist leaders to understand the potential impact and consequences of technology changes on the union and on workers.

Module 2: Technologies that power digital and data – a primer

Module 2 seeks to develop participants’ awareness of the tools and technologies available for unions to campaign, organise and respond to external events. It includes covering key concepts such as websites, membership databases, email and communication technology, apps and mobile.

Module 3: Every role is digital now

Module 3 seeks to develop a culture of digital learning across all levels of the union, so that all staff are familiar with the basic digital tools required for digitally enabled union.

How the course meets the objectives of the PET Fund Project

This course will allow employee representatives to consider how best to engage with employees and employers given the changing nature of employment. It will consider how productivity and productivity gain considerations affect the day to day operations and structure of a union.

Please ensure relevant approval has been granted by your union in accordance with its rules and elected official and note the cost of this course is $130.00 (GST inclusive).


Friday 23 October – 1pm to 5pm AEDT