Final Innovations series webinar: So, what now? Making Innovation Part of Our Practice and Building New Capacities to Win

Wednesday, October 21, 2020: 3 pm - 4.30 pm AEST

Introduced by Michele O’Neil, President of the ACTU.  Presenters include Chris Walton, CEO, Union Innovation Hub, and Paul Doughty, Manager, Innovation and Capacity Building.

Held as an event of the ACTU Futures Network, this webinar and workshop will review and bring together the principles, strategies, skills, and tools explored over the course of the Innovations Series since its launch in May this year.  With this background, guest presenters will discuss the necessary ingredients to maintain a practice of innovation and how to operationalise the lessons learned to build capacity.

Chris Walton is the CEO of the Union Innovation Hub, an initiative of the ACTU, working with unions driving initiatives to achieve change and growth. The Hub supports unions to embrace innovation via a raft of initiatives including substantially reducing the cost of moving to a modern CRM database system, helping unions share the costs of innovation, developing new services, and sharing best practice.  Chris was previously Director of the ACTU Organising Centre and Organising Works Programme, and while he was Assistant Secretary of the ACTU, coordinated the community and ground component of the Your Rights at Work Campaign. Until recently he was CEO of Professionals Australia.