Why should I join your union? Understanding the value of unionism.

Thursday, July 9, 2020: 3 pm - 4.30 pm AEST

Presenters include: Dr Kristy Jones, Behavioural Economist, Head of ACTU Behavioural Insights Unit (ABIU), Anna Ostrowski – Behavioural Economist, ABIU and Hannah Turner Project Officer (Behavioural Specialist), ABIU

In this webinar, the ACTU Behavioural Insights Unit (ABIU) will run through a new model of union utility. The model ‘formalises’ the key types of benefits unions offer potential members – whether they be material, social or intrinsic. We will then outline how the model can be used to help unions better understand the value they offer potential members, and how an understanding of this value can be used to develop a value proposition with insights about members to craft efficient and effective onboarding and member journeys.