Change the Rules for Working Women - gender equality

Change the Rules for Working Women - gender equality


Thirty years of experimenting with trickle down economics has failed to provide secure jobs, a living wage and fair pay rises for working people.

For women, the situation is even worse.

Because of our broken rules, women get paid less. Women are increasingly locked out of a secure retirement, women make up the majority of workers reliant on the minimum wage, women are
more vulnerable to exploitative, casualised and insecure forms of work and due to deep-rooted social norms women face more disruptions over their working life by taking on the majority of the
responsibility for caring for children, family members and/or ageing parents.

Our broken rules entrench the gender pay gap, at the heart of this the failure to adequately value the work women have traditionally done – both paid and unpaid.

One of the core components of the Change the Rules campaign is to address gender equality. We need to campaign on and win systemic change for working women.

We need to change the rules:

• By winning a living wage 2.3 million workers will get a pay rise – the majority of whom are women

• By winning rights for casual, labour hire and temporary contract workers we will ensure women have secure work and contribute to closing the pay and superannuation gap

• By winning the ability to bargain where the power is, we can close the gender pay gap

• By winning the restoration of penalty rates, working women will benefit the most

• By winning a return to a fairer and more accessible independent umpire, women will benefit

• By winning strong rights for secure “flexible” working arrangements for parents & carers, we can ensure disruptions to women’s careers, pay and superannuation are minimized

• By winning changes to the superannuation system and ensuring superannuation is part of our industrial system, we can start the pathway to ensuring women no longer retire in poverty

• By winning 10 days paid family and domestic violence leave as a universal entitlement, we can ensure that women and children experiencing violence have job & economic security while
making themselves safe.