Speeches & Opinions 2005

Read speeches and opinion articles by ACTU officers and staff.

Our collection contains speeches delivered at conferences, forums, summits, rallies and events by Executive and senior ACTU staff.  It also contains op eds – previously published in mainstream media – by the ACTU President, ACTU Secretary or ACTU Assistant Secretaries.

Recent Speeches & Opinions

Sharan Burrow: Remember This Day

November 15, 2005

Remember this day. Remember this day. Because THIS is the start of something.
For more than 100 years Australia has had an industrial relations system that has given working people a share of the benefits of economic prosperity.

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Greg Combet: Address to the National Day of Community Protest

November 15, 2005

Today, by rallying in such huge numbers, we declare that working people will not be denied a central place in Australia’s future. Working families built this country. They fought and died for it.

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Greg Combet: Real Economic Challenges and the WorkChoices Legislation

November 2, 2005

Greg Combet outlined his critique of the Government’s new IR legislation in the context of the real economic challenges facing Australia.

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Sharan Burrow: The WorkChoices Legislation

October 24, 2005

On any measure the WorkChoices legislation will be bad law. Not just because it is unjustified by any credible economic argument. Not only because of the social impact, and the damage to our social cohesion and social progress.

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ACTU President Sharan Burrow’s Speech On The WorkChoices Legislation

October 24, 2005

The WorkChoices legislation & how poorly conceived these laws are, because it highlights the problem…

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Greg Combet: Industrial Relations: Give Workers a Genuine Choice

August 23, 2005

I would like to use the opportunity I have to speak to you by going straight to the heart of the Governments industrial relations changes, and why they fundamentally undermine employee rights.

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Greg Combet: Industrial Relations, Employee Rights and the Economy

July 6, 2005

On the 26th of May John Howard announced the Government’s plans to rewrite Australia’s industrial relations laws, arguing that this was “one of the great pieces of unfinished business in the structural transformation of the Australian economy”.

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Speech To The National Press Club – Greg Combet, ACTU Secretary

July 6, 2005

For the Howard Government industrial relations is the dog that ate their homework – the…

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Speech To The House Of Representatives On Workplace Relations

May 26, 2005

Let us cut through all the spin and verbal camouflage of all of this. What…

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