Speeches & Opinions: 2006

Greg Combet: Your Rights at Work Worth Voting For

Media Release - November 30, 2006

At the outset I would like to make something very clear. It is an undeniable fact that millions of people have lost their rights at work under the new industrial relations laws.

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Sharan Burrow: Your Rights Your Future

Media Release - November 30, 2006

Last November we said we must not be the first generation of Australians to leave our kids with fewer rights at work than we inherited. We said that we would fight these laws.

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Speeches and opinion

Media Release - November 22, 2006

Read speeches and op eds by Executive and ACTU staff.

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Greg Combet: A New Australian Consensus for the 21st Century

Media Release - November 20, 2006

Greg Combet has called for Labor and the union movement to develop a new “democratic consensus” on the issues of economic growth, security, education and climate change.

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ACTU Congress 2006 – IR policy for the next stage of the campaign for workers’ rights

Media Release - October 25, 2006

ACTU Congress 2006 – IR policy for the next stage of the campaign for workers’ rights

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Greg Combet: All Have a Right to a Fair Deal

Media Release - September 22, 2006

On Melbourne radio last Friday, Prime Minister John Howard categorically committed his Government to opposing any right for Australian workers to collectively bargain with their employer.

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Greg Combet Unveils Collective Bargaining Blueprint – ABC TV Lateline

Media Release - September 15, 2006

ABC TV’s Lateline Program speaks to ACTU Secretary Greg Combet about union plans for a new system of collective bargaining.

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Greg Combet: A Fairer Balance Between Industrial Relations and the Economy

Media Release - September 13, 2006

The Howard Government is losing the debate over the new industrial relations laws not only because the laws are unfair. It is also losing because it has been dishonest.

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Sharan Burrow: Interest rate rise will hit working families hard

Media Release - August 2, 2006

In a public address at the University of Melbourne 2 August 2006, ACTU President Sharan Burrow provides new ACTU analysis of the key pressures on working families as a result of the IR laws and the Federal Governments economic policy.

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Greg Combet: The Human Cost of the Howard Government’s IR Laws

Media Release - June 28, 2006

Greg Combet outlines the impact of the new IR laws and the union campaign ahead.

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