ACTU Member Connect

ACTU Member Connect

ACTU Member Connect works with unions to provide benefits that add value to union membership.

Member Connect understands the work unions do, and we help unions by providing an additional resource with a dedicated focus on adding value to membership.

Services and products aren't the reason workers join unions, but union members should be rewarded for joining and maintaining their links to the union in more ways that just representation.

Member Connect has three main objectives:

  • To provide services to union members at preferential rates                             
  • To provide call centre services for unions
  • To provide tangible financial savings for unions

Member Connect is 100% union owned by 13 unions and the ACTU. The Board of Directors is made up of ACTU Executive members along with independent directors, reflecting the broad range of Australian unions and working people.


Contact details

ACTU Member Connect                                                                                   
4/365 Queen Street                                          
Melbourne VIC 3000


Phone: 1300 362 223