Retired Unionists Network (RUN)

Retired Unionists Network (RUN)


Just because you have retired from full-time work doesn’t mean that your commitment and involvement as an activist has to stop.

The Retired Unionists Network (RUN) is a way for retirees to meet other activists and keep up with the goings on in the union movement.

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Our way of life is under attack

Generations of union members have fought hard for the things that make Australia such a great place to live with a high standard of living.

Conditions like workplace safety, wages, sick and carers leave, annual leave, superannuation, the minimum wage, redundancy payments and so many more would not have been possible without union activists fighting for them.

Unions were also an integral part of the social safety net that means no person in Australia should fall through the cracks. Services like medicare, the aged pension, the disability pension, unemployment benefits, youth allowance and public housing.

All of this is now under attack.

We know that the commitment of union members to progressive causes doesn’t go away just because they leave the workforce.

The fights that retired union members have led and taken part in are not over - and neither is our need for you to be activists in the trade union movement. To assist in this the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) is facilitating the Retired Unionists Network (RUN) and we need your help.

What’s RUN?

The Retired Unionists Network (RUN) is a national network of retired union members who want to stay informed and active in the movement.

RUN is administered by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) and connects with retired activist groups right around the country.

It aims to provide opportunities for retired union members to participate in and contribute to the creation of campaigns in the movement. These can be national or state campaigns and also ones driven out of RUN about issues important to members of the network.

Why join?

Getting involved in RUN is a great way to meet other activists and keep up with the goings on in the union movement.

It provides an opportunity to socialise with like-minded people from your area and link in better to campaigns in your local area about the issues you care about.

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Additional resources

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