Congress 2024: Solidarity Campaign Exhibition

ACTU Congress 2024 will be holding a campaign exhibition. We would like all unions to have their campaigns featured in this exhibition. We are asking affiliates to contribute in two ways:

Union T-shirts

When does a dispute become a campaign? When it has a t-shirt of course! Over the Christmas break many unionists will be cleaning out their wardrobes, but campaign t-shirts never make it to the Vinnies pile. These t-shirts are precious mementos of the struggles, the victories, and of our members stories.

Since Congress last met face-to-face in 2018, unions across the country have run some amazing campaigns, many delivering incredible victories for union members and working people more broadly. We would like to tell these stories of the many important union campaigns since 2018, through an exhibition of campaign t-shirts.

We are asking all affiliates to participate in this exhibition by sending us one of each of the best campaign t-shirts from your unions many struggles and victories since 2018.

Please send your campaign t-shirt each accompanied by a short description including the following details, to Natalie Lang at the ACTU office, 365 Queen Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.

Information to accompany each campaign t-shirt:

  1. Name of the union
  2. Name of the campaign
  3. 150 words about what the campaign was about, and the members involved.
  4. If you would like to also include a favourite photo from the campaign to be exhibited with the campaign t-shirt, please limit the print size to 8”x10”.

Please send your campaign t-shirts and accompanying campaign description by Friday 3rd May, 2024 to:

Natalie Lang
Level 4, 365 Queen Street
Melbourne 3000

Campaign Video Highlights

Upload campaign video highlights here by Friday 3rd May, 2024

Campaign video presentations. Since congress last convened face-to-face in 2018, hundreds of thousands of workers have taken to the streets. Union members have been organising, rallying, picketing, and protesting.

Union campaigns over the last 6 years have delivered remarkable wins for union members and we want to share these stories. All affiliates are asked to prepare a 90 second to 2-minute video about their union’s big campaigns over the last 6 years. A worker’s story, a photo montage, a campaign ad – whatever tells the story of your member’s campaign.

Videos will be shown in plenaries and breakout spaces. We want these to look as flash as possible:

  1. Film it in as high-res as you can – at least full HD 1080p
  2. Export as MP4
  3. Upload here by Friday 3rd May, 2024

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact Kleo Cruse:

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