Cost of everything increasing, wages flat

Cost of everything increasing, wages flat

New analysis by the ACTU shows that key items on every household budget like housing, healthcare, education and transport are increasing well above the rate of inflation

Australians are paying more to see a doctor, paying more for childcare and paying more for energy.

Over the last year, the price of electricity has increased 553% faster than the CPI;

  • Gas increased 311% faster
  • Childcare increased 184% faster
  • Utilities increased 384% faster
  • Health increased 111% faster
  • Housing increased 79% faster
  • Education increased 68% faster
  • Transport increased 74% faster
  • Car fuel increased 484% faster

Quotes attributable to Sally McManus, ACTU Secretary:

“Working people are already struggling to keep their head above water, these figures show the water just keeps getting higher and higher.

“When wages growth flat-lines, and costs rise, people’s living standards go backwards.

“The only way working people can push back against the rising tide of costs, get a decent pay rise and a good steady job is if we change the rules at work.

“The Turnbull government can go on and on about business profits, but it’s not helping people pay the bills. 

“Working people need more power to fight for pay increases.”

“This Government has done nothing to address housing affordability, and has slashed funding to health and education, leaving working people to pick up the ever-increasing bills, with less and less money.”