O’Dwyer with serious questions to answer over lobbying leak

O’Dwyer with serious questions to answer over lobbying leak

Kelly O’Dwyer and the Morrison government have serious questions to answer following reports that they directed private lobbyists to pressure the crossbench over laws that would weaken our rights at work.

Reports in the Australian newspaper today of communications between lobbyists SAS Group and unnamed members of the crossbench appear to reveal that the Government is directing the lobbying efforts.

The report quotes an email to the crossbench that includes the admission that “The government has asked us to meet with crossbench senators during the current parliamentary break given the significance and urgency of this matter.”

The matter referred to is an attempt to legislate to undermine a court decision that would have prevented employers falsely classifying permanent employees as casuals, and granting backpay to people who’d been denied paid leave because of false classifications.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“It is deeply concerning that the Morrison Government appears to be directing lobbying efforts to undermine a court decision protecting the rights of working people.

“Kelly O’Dwyer must come clean on what she knew about the activities of the SAS group, who in the Morrison Government is directing them, and why the Morrison Government is directing private lobbyists to speak to the crossbench.

“The job of the Government should be to protect working people and ensure those who’ve been denied their legal rights receive justice, not to undermine court decisions to suit the whims of the business lobby.

“It is important that we get to the bottom of this deeply concerning affair.”