Turnbull Government chooses insecurity instead of jobs we can count on

Turnbull Government chooses insecurity instead of jobs we can count on

The Turnbull Government is using the massive employment capability of the federal government to create insecure, short-term jobs rather than good, steady jobs which Australian workers can rely on.

In 2007, only 7.4% of public sector workers were on short-term contracts. That figure now stands at  just under 10%. This is a staggering number but paints a very limited picture of the level of insecure work in the federal public service which the Turnbull Government has diligently concealed.

The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) believe that an additional 3% of workers are either ‘independent’ contracts, consultants, or employed through a labour-hire firm.

Recent polling by the ACTU in the marginal electorates of Petrie and Swan showed between 55% and 64.6% of voters support the creation of more public sector jobs, even if this means no tax cuts.

Quotes attributable to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus:

“The Government can use the huge employment power of the public sector to create good, steady jobs and improve wages growth. Instead they are creating insecure jobs and capping wage rises to keep wage growth down.

“Unemployment rates have not budged since Abbott was elected. One million people still need more hours and we are still no creating good, secure jobs for working people.

“Australians expect that public sector jobs should be good, secure jobs that they can count on. The Turnbull Government is once again out of step with the community. People want good jobs, not insecurity and low wages.

“Our jobs policy calls for government to step up to the plate and use the significant power it has to create jobs we can count on.

“We need a government which uses its power to help Australian workers, not strip their conditions, cap their wages, undermine their job security and embolden lawless employers.”