Change the Rules election campaign kicks off in Leichhardt

Change the Rules election campaign kicks off in Leichhardt

Working people and volunteers from in and around the electorate of Leichhardt, which centers on Cairns in Queensland will gather on Wednesday evening to kick off the Change the Rules election campaign.

Last year, Australian workers took to the streets in record numbers to change the rules so that working people can win a fair go, fair pay rises, and jobs we can count on.

To Change the Rules, we need to change the government. This year we are moving from winning the argument to winning the fight.

Leichhardt is currently held by LNP MP Warren Entsch, who voted eight times to cut penalty rates, 12 times to give corporate tax cuts to the big banks, 26 times to block the Banking Royal Commission and seven times to cut funding to local schools.


What: Change the Rules election kick-off, Leichhardt

Where: Cairns Sheridan Hotel, 295 Sheridan Street, Cairns

When: Wednesday 20 March, 6pm

Who: Working people from in and around Leichhardt, ACTU President Michele O’Neil,
Queensland Council of Unions Assistant General Secretary Michael Clifford


Quotes attributable to ACTU President Michele O’Neil:

“People in Cairns and across the peninsula need good, secure jobs and fair pay rises but the Morrison Government and big business are standing in the way of this. We are ready to restore the fair go.

“We are ready to take action to change the government and win more secure jobs and fair pay rises.

“Anyone who wants to live in a better, fairer country, who wants more secure jobs and fairer pay rises should attend these events and join the movement for change.”


Quotes attributable to QCU Assistant General Secretary Michael Clifford

“Workers in Leichhardt need jobs they can count on and pay rises that keep up with the cost of living.

“Instead we have a government that has supported cuts to penalty rates on weekends and public holidays, cuts that will be felt around Cairns over the coming months with public holidays like Anzac Day, Easter and Labour Day. More than 9300 workers in Leichhardt and their families are impacted by the penalty rates cuts and will be worse off because of the Morrison Government.”