Desperate Morrison lashes out at working people

Desperate Morrison lashes out at working people


Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s has targeted 1.6 million working people and millions of retirees this morning in his front-page comments in Nine newspapers. Nurses, teachers, tradies, carers, office workers, bus drivers – his fellow Australians who work hard for a living.

The nation’s newspapers today lead with the Prime Minister threatening to “crack down on” and “choke” people who want to win a fair go; pay rises that keep up with the cost of living, and end to the casualisation of permanent jobs, equal pay for women and to restore penalty rates.

Hard-working Australians deserve the respect of their Prime Minister, not threats. But the more desperate he becomes, the less he cares about insulting, demeaning and bullying working people and retirees.

We deserve to know exactly what the Prime Minister would do if re-elected.

His backers at the Institute of Public Affairs have called on him, as recently as last month, to abolish protections for unfair dismissal, repeal laws that grant working people paid leave, and to abolish the minimum wage.

Various employer lobby groups have also called for workers to be stripped of more rights.

Will the Prime Minister back the demands of big business? Will he go to an election silent on what will happen to working people’s rights, just as John Howard did before WorkChoices?

Working people deserve a leader who is up-front about what they’re planning. They deserve leaders who are backing a fair go for all, that includes working people.

Scott Morrison must withdraw his slur on working people and release the detail of his plans for industrial relations if he is re-elected.