Courses in WHS

Innovative ways to organise!

The ACTU Organising Centre offers courses in workplace health and safety at your union! In addition to our scheduled courses, the ACTU Organising Centre offers courses at your union. If you want to skill-up all of your organisers, delegates or officials in one sitting, let the Organising Centre come to you.

Workplace health and safety is a key issue to all workers. 

Below is a list of all the courses we offer! 


“OHS is frequently underestimated as a tool for unions and as a concern by our members. This course provides practical ways to make it an integral part of our work and workplaces.”

Keiran Macfarlane on Cert IV WHS


If you would like to organise training for your union please contact the ACTU Organising centre here!

Organising for Safer Workplaces

This course provides organisers and officials with the skills and knowledge to effectively communicate, organise and provide leadership on Work Health and Safety issues in Australian workplaces.

At the conclusion of the course, participants will be able to explain how to use current WHS, and other related legislation, to build union organising power at a workplace.

Workplace Bullying and Harassment

Many workers face bullying and harassment in their workplace. This course provides organisers with information on the legislative provisions and safeguards and will equip them with the skills to deal with bullying and harassment issues being experienced by their members.

BSB41415 Certificate IV in Workplace Health and Safety

The Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety is a nationally accredited program which incorporates a proactive and preventative union approach to health and safety in the workplace. This course is for union trainers who deliver WHS training, union officials and organisers involved in WHS issues, and health and safety representatives who wish to gain a formal qualification and increase their knowledge and involvement in the application of WHS legislation and policymaking in Australian workplaces.

The course comprises two workshops, with at least six weeks in-between, allowing participants the opportunity to relate their learning to a workplace, and to practice and consolidate their skills

Work Health & Safety for Delegates

This course is for delegates and builds on skills introduced in the Core Skills for Delegates and Activists course.

It provides delegates with an overview of the Work Health and Safety (WHS) legislation, with particular focus on the consultation and risk management process. This course also gives delegates the skills to set up health and safety structures within their workplace e.g. the establishment of work groups, election of Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) and safety committees to ensure WHS issues and grievances are effectively dealt with.

The course also explores how delegates can work with HSRs to provide an integrated union approach to the resolution of WHS issues, organise around WHS issues and thus strengthen union growth. Delegates and HSRs from the same workplace are encouraged to attend together.

The course can be delivered as either a one or two day course. The two day course will in addition cover the area of worker’s compensation and return to work.


If you would like to organise training for your union please contact the ACTU Organising centre here!