The ACTU has joined the global union day of action in support of the people of eSwatini in their demand for a democratic government. ACTU President Michele O’Neil wrote to the Prime Minister of eSwatini calling on his Government to end the violence and repression of pro-democracy campaigners, and to take measures to establish a democratic state without delay. The ACTU President also wrote to Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne, calling on the Australian Government to call for democracy in eSwatini, and an end to the violent crackdown on protesters. The Australian Government must also use its position within the Commonwealth to support the call for eSwatini to be suspended from the Commonwealth for its failure to uphold the Commonwealth values of respect for democracy and human rights.

The International Trade Union Confederation have produced a report assessing eSwatini’s compliance with the Commonwealth Charter, which you can download at the link on the right of this page.

NB: in 2018, the country of Swaziland changed its name to eSwatini.