With governments ending their discussions in Barcelona in the final preparatory negotiation before the December Copenhagen climate change conference, the trade union movement has again stressed the need for an ambitious, fair and legally-binding agreement.
“Leaders of the world meeting in Copenhagen must not accept failure as an option” said Guy Ryder, ITUC General Secretary. “Success will be measured by the legal status of its outcome, emissions reductions and financial commitments from developed countries established as a basis for future negotiations, as well as the actions to be taken by developing countries to achieve low-carbon development. A just and fair result will be a critical benchmark for success.”
Copenhagen must include commitments on social justice in the transition towards low carbon and climate-resilient economies. “We welcome the renewed support of several governments to the concept of Just Transition, which is present in the negotiating text” said Ryder. “The labour movement at all levels will maintain its pressure to ensure that the Copenhagen outcome is fair for the planet and fair for working people.”
“We call on the governments of the world to assume their responsibilities, ignore short-sighted positions and turn the political momentum gained around climate change into obtaining an ambitious and just outcome in Copenhagen”, Ryder added.

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