Equal Times is a new ITUC-supported internet platform for news, opinion, investigative reports and activism.

With a Brussels-based editorial team and more than 50 journalists around the world contributing articles, Equal Times brings stories the mainstream media does not cover, and gives a real-life perspective on events and issues where established media simply follow the recipe set for them by corporations and high finance.

The launch edition includes news reports from 16 countries, including live reporting from Pakistan in the wake of the devastating factory fires there, along with in-depth report on the exploitation of indigenous workers in the fragile El Chaco region of Paraguay, under the new President’s ‘business at all costs’ policy. 

A report on how austerity policies have meant a 13% increase in suicides in EU countries is also profiled. 

Readers are invited to join the first major Equal Times campaign: to stop modern slavery in 2022 World Cup host Qatar.

“The future of the planet, the world of work, human rights and sustainability, politics and economics – Equal Times is for all those who want real information on what’s happening in the world and who want to help make a difference now and for the next generations,” said General Secretary of the ITUC, Sharan Burrow.

Equal Times is published in English, French and Spanish. Readers can comment on articles and share stories through Facebook and twitter.

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