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ITUC May Day Manifesto

Brussels, April 24 (ITUC Online): Working people in all corners of the globe, gathering together on the 1st of May, celebrate the tremendous achievements of the trade union movement and commemorate all those who have given so much in the cause of justice, equality and human dignity.

Each and very person has the right to decent work and a decent life.

For the vast millions to whom these rights are but an aspiration, it is through the determination and collective will of trade unionism that this aspiration can become a reality, and for those who today enjoy these rights in their daily lives, it is through their unions that they will be defended and maintained.

The historic unification of the world trade union movement, just half a year ago, gives us new means and renewed vitality in our quest for a better world. We will harness this new momentum to its very maximum, to bring solidarity to all those who need it, and to change the course of the global economy to make it serve the interests of the many rather than the few.

Our commitment to build a better world, where economic progress serves social needs, where those who live in poverty and at the margins of society are empowered to live decent and fulfilling lives, remains steadfast. The universal values which have underpinned more than a century of proud trade union history remain as valid today as they did at the very birth of our movement.

We oppose all forms oppression and exploitation, and proclaim our determination to continue the struggle against all those who seek to profit from deprivation, discrimination and despair. We stand united with all women and men who suffer violations of their rights as workers and as human beings and will come to their aid in every way we can. We condemn all those who profit from the misery of others and will carry forward the fight against the rapacious excesses of corporate greed. We will maintain our struggle for a world where all can live secure and peaceful lives, free from the threat of violence, war and destruction.

The generations of today hold the very future of the planet in our hands. Our actions will leave an indelible mark on the lives of the children of the world and those to come. We shall fulfill our solemn duty to work for sustainable economic and social progress, to play our part in tackling climate change, in providing health and education for all and confronting the enormous challenges which we face as a world community.

We seek a world where all nations can cooperate to the common good, building and sustaining fairness and justice in economic relations, where no country is left behind and where the aspirations of all men, women and children to a decent life are met in full. We pledge, in furtherance of the great and durable traditions of our movement, to turns these dreams and hopes into reality.

Founded on 1 November 2006, the ITUC represents 168 million workers in

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