The Congress reiterates its grave concern on the adverse impact on workers due to the current political crises. Many workers stand to loose their employment while others would be forced to work lesser hours or take salary cuts. The tourism industry has been the first to be affected. Other industries are likely to face similar cuts.

The FTUC does not support the overthrow of a democratically elected government. This is the position the Congress and the International Trade Union Movement  has consistently taken. We at the same time acknowledge the efforts of the Military to preserve the Constitution and the Congress will fully support and call on all parties to ensure that the Constitution survives this crises. The Constitution remains the backbone and only hope for the return of democracy.

The Congress recognizes that to minimize the adverse impact on workers of our Country, we need to move forward and restore democracy as soon as practically possible. In this regard the Congress welcomes the announcement by the Chairman of the Great Council of Chiefs to convene a special meeting of the GCC next week to discuss the current crises with the Military. FTUC hold great hope that the Chiefs will put the Country first. The Congress fully supports the reappointment of Ratu Josefa Iloilo as President of Fiji so that the executive power is given back to the President to decide on the next best course of action which is acceptable to the people of Fiji. 

The Executive Committee of the Congress is mindful of the endemic corruption existing in the Government machinery and the rising number of our people who live in poverty and absolute poverty, the alarming rise in squatter settlements and crime is an indictment on all citizens of Fiji.  The Congress calls on all parties to show understanding of the current crises and restraint so that Fiji can move forward in the right direction and return to democracy as soon as possible.

The FTUC will continue to liaise closely with its counterparts abroad. We acknowledge the support that has been given to FTUC by the International Trade Union movement so far who have been standing by the workers of this country.