In 2000, forced labour and human trafficking became the world’s third biggest crime business, following the global drugs and arms trade, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

In 2005, the International Labour Office estimated that US$32 billion in illegal yearly profits was made on the backs of exploited workers.

International legal experts agreed that there is an urgent need for stronger prevention measures, increased protection of workers, and effective compensation of workers to prevent re-victimisation. They have prepared a new international binding instrument, a Protocol to the ILO Forced Labour Convention.

World leaders have put it on the agenda of the 2014 International Labour Conference in June in Geneva.

This is a unique opportunity. We have until June to make the world know that it is time to end forced labour.

Take action and call on Employment Minister Eric Abetz to support a strong Protocol to the ILO Forced Labour Convention.