World AIDS Day, Global Trade Unions Carry Forward Action Program

A new title in the UNAIDS Best Practice Collection brings to the public attention the ‘crucial role’ and ‘innovative programmes’ of the labour movement in responding to HIV/AIDS, as acknowledged by Peter Piot, the UNAIDS Executive Director, in his foreword to the publication. Global reach: how trade unions are responding to AIDS. Case studies of union action is a joint publication by the ILO, ICFTU, Global UNION AIDS Programme, and UNAIDS. The case studies show union action in all regions and in all spheres of activity, from collective bargaining to couples’ training, from providing treatment to campaigns against stigma and discrimination.
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“Before it is too late” – VIDEO transcript
A new Global Unions video “Before It Is Too Late” focuses on trade union HIV-AIDS activities in Lesotho as an example of how unions are tackling HIV/AIDS.