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Recent Media Releases

Renewed trade agreement with Fiji risks legitimising an oppressive regime

December 27, 2011

The Australian Government’s decision to renew a textile, clothing and footwear scheme with the Fijian Government under a multi-lateral trade agreement will do nothing to improve the lives of lowly paid Fijian textile workers.

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Ted Baillieu is the Grinch who stole Christmas from Victorian workers

December 21, 2011

Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu is the only Australian leader to deny workers a public holiday to compensate for Christmas Day this year falling on a Sunday.

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Fair Work review is an opportunity to dispel employer myths and strengthen workers’ rights

December 20, 2011

Next year’s review of the Fair Work Act must not become a forum for employer grandstanding, and unions will take a strong interest to ensure the voices of working Australians are heard and that their rights are strengthened.

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Workers have an extra month to tell their story to Inquiry into Insecure Work

December 15, 2011

Workers, unions, community and other representative groups have an extra month to contribute their experiences to the Independent Inquiry into Insecure Work in Australia.

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Australian unions remain steadfast in pursuit of human and labour rights in Fiji

December 14, 2011

Australian unions will continue to steadfastly pursue human and labour rights in Fiji, despite the military regime’s refusal to allow entry to an Australian and New Zealand union fact-finding mission.

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Unions welcome appointment of Bill Shorten as new Workplace Relations Minister

December 12, 2011

Australian unions welcome the appointment of Bill Shorten as Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, and look forward to working with him to progress the agenda for rights at work for all Australians.

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What is the Fijian Govt trying to hide? Aust and NZ unions to go ahead with visit despite reported ban

December 11, 2011

Unions from Australia and New Zealand intend to proceed with plans to send a delegation to Fiji this week and have called on the regime to clarify media reports it will ban them from the country.

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Australian unions to investigate human and labour rights abuses in Fiji following ILO intervention

December 7, 2011

Australian unions welcome moves today by the International Labour Organisation to intervene to safeguard human and labour rights in Fiji, ahead of a delegation heading to the island nation next week to investigate abuses of workplace rights first hand.

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Government commitment to higher apprentice wages is a good first step to lifting completion rates

December 6, 2011

Federal Government support for a pay increase for apprentices is a good first step towards improving the appalling apprentice completion rate.

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New Labor platform will strengthen collective bargaining and improve worker rights

December 2, 2011

Workers will have enhanced rights to bargain for better pay and conditions and secure jobs under changes to the Labor Party’s national platform adopted at the National Conference.

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