The Summit is an important opportunity for the needs of working Australians and their families to be fully considered in the development of policy prescriptions for a prosperous and fair Australia say unions.

ACTU President Sharan Burrow and ACTU Secretary Jeff Lawrence welcomed the participation of unions in the Rudd Labor Government’s 2020 Summit, to be held over two days starting tomorrow (19-20 April).

Releasing the ACTU submission to the 2020 Summit today, Ms Burrow said:

“The Summit is a forum for not only putting right the wrongs of the former Coalition Government but for creating a sustainable future for Australia in the coming decades.

“It is essential that we move quickly to restore workers’ rights and create a balanced and fair industrial relation system as the foundation for a robust economy that is based on high-trust and high-productivity workplaces.

“We must provide workers with greater job security through protection from unfair dismissal, the right to collectively bargain, a strong safety net, the right to union membership and representation, and an independent umpire to resolve disputes.

“At the same time, we must redress the neglect of the former Liberal Government and invest in social and economic infrastructure, including more TAFE places, more apprenticeships, measures to boost workforce participation and ways to ensure our industries and economy are more environmentally sustainable.

Mr Lawrence said:

“Unions bring to the Summit our fundamental commitment to building a democratic Australia which values all its citizens, their aspirations and their rights – including their right to fulfilling employment and a decent share in the nation’s wealth.

“Australian society needs unions to continue to grow and stand up for working Australians and their families. 

“Unions believe in fairness, equality and opportunity for all. 

“We believe that all Australians deserve to share in the nation’s prosperity and have a stake in ensuring the country continues to grow in a fair and sustainable way.” 

The ACTU Submission to the 2020 Summit is available below